Post Offer/Pre Employment Testing

Our post offer/pre employment testing services reduce workers' compensation costs through ADA, EEOC, civil rights, and legally defensible hiring of employees that can perform the essential functions/physical demands of a job. The benefits our clients receive include:

  • Immediate reduction in workers' compensation claims
  • Immediate improvement in employee retention rate
  • Reduced DART, incident, and severity rates
  • Employees that can perform the essential functions of the job

We design tests that are consistent with business necessity and are job specific through a high level job analysis which will be used to create legally defensible post offer tests. We validate these tests per validation guidelines disseminated by the EEOC and supreme court precedent.

We currently perform POETs throughout the United States utilizing our network of over 2,000 testing locations. Companies utilizing the OccuCare Network receive the results of their POETs minutes after test completion, allowing quick hiring decisions.

Our post offer/pre employment tests also include:

  • Built in job accommodation feature that immediately determines if a different job matches the candidates abilities
  • Baseline musculoskeletal measurements for reduction in future impairment levels
  • Immediate dissemination of disparate impact levels
  • Return on investment statistics for all customers
  • Online access to job descriptions and each post offer test
  • Results produced immediately
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