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Experts with over 25 years helping the injured worker

OccuCare Injury Prevention is a nationwide company comprised of occupational/physical therapists, ergonomists who are board certified, and engineers with 25+ years of experience. Our team of specialists provides on-site, near-site, rapid rehab, and telehealth injury prevention and early intervention.

Our services consistently reduce companies’ injuries by 50-75%, immediately upon implementation. Learn how we can impact your OSHA recordables, increase employee retention and reduce injuries.

Carrie measuring height of belt system

Injury Reduction

50-70% reduction in workplace injuries upon implementation

Money Saved

$15-20 saved for every $1 spent on injury prevention vs. treatment

Employee Retention

60% increase in employee retention by adding OccuCare services

Absentee Reduction

20% reduction in absenteeism due to early intervention

Providing solutions to help reduce injuries since 2002

Jeff performing therapy on aching shoulder

What our clients say

"This was our first experience with sending therapists on-site for injury prevention and we have seen a significant decrease in soft tissue injuries. The employees love the service as they see it as an additional employee benefit and management loves the service for the reduction in lost time injuries."

Brett Loeffler

Safety Manager
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See how you can reduce injuries and associated costs by 50% to 70%.


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