Rehabilitation Options

Jeff seeing injured patient on-site

60% increase
in employee retention


Early Intervention

Our on-site services offer value to the aging workforce by offering direct access to an Injury Prevention Specialist to all employees, keeping employees productive and healthy, and is a great employee retention program.

  • Placing a therapists at the worksite for specified hours each week
  • Meeting with employees who show early stages of aches/pains
  • Follows OSHA First-Aid guidelines
  • Prevent symptom from developing into a recordable injury
  • Analyze the employee’s workstation for ergonomic improvements
  • Follow up with the employee until the ache or pain has subsided
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Hot/Cold Therapy

Hot/Cold Therapy

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Non-Rigid Splints

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Recommending medication

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Job coaching in
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Happy Clients Say

"The hands-on time spent by OccuCare providers on-site sets them apart from other similar services. If an employee is in pain, they see the OccuCare provider right away for treatment. But then OccuCare follows up by spending time with that injured employee. They look at how they're working and how that might have caused the initial injury or how their pain and the movements that they're doing to help reduce the pain could cause a different injury. OccuCare looks at the whole picture proactively."

Andy R.

Safety & Process Improvement Manager


Early Intervention

Unable to see your employees in your facility?

That shouldn’t be a barrier to helping them heal. Our Near-site Rehab offers the same value to your workforce by offering services at a Physical Therapy clinic close to your company. These clinics are partners of OccuCare’s national network with over 2000 trusted providers – many in your community.

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Patient receiving therapy on injured knee
Carrie applying k-tape to injured wrist


Outside of normal on-site time or just as an as-needed program, Rapid rehab is available for your employees to be seen on-site by an OccuCare specialists. We can be in most locations within 24 hours – in time for your next shift.