Early Intervention

Reducing Your Workplace Injuries

OccuCare Injury Prevention provides early intervention services in multiple ways to meet your company’s needs - on-site, near-site, and rapid rehab.

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Early Intervention Solutions

Service Options

Our on-site, near-site, and rapid rehab services offer direct access to an Injury Prevention Specialist, keeping employees productive and healthy, and is a great employee retention program.

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Pre-Shift Stretching

Reduce fatigue and improve muscle coordination for your employees through pre-shift or take-5 break stretching programs. Or a fully customized program to meet your company’s needs.

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Corporate Wellness

We have options to help create an employee wellness program with basic tips or bring in one of our wellness partners to design a program that addresses the needs of your organization.

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Ergo/Job Analysis

OccuCare offers office and industrial ergonomic services that reduce musculoskeletal disorders, decrease discomfort, improve employee productivity, and more.

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About Us

Your partner in reducing workplace injuries

OccuCare's trained specialists work with employees to reduce/eliminate early signs and symptoms of work and non-work-related musculoskeletal disorders while staying within OSHA first aid guidelines and avoiding recordables. We’re able to provide this service in multiple ways on-site, near-site, and rapid rehab.

Common injuries or disorders can happen in the work environment and performance contributes to making the condition worse or persist longer. It can be found in: muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilage, and spinal discs.

By providing Early Intervention you can help your company:

  • Significantly reduce your incident rate and workers’ comp costs
  • Keep employees healthy, safe, and productive
  • Fewer injuries equate to less staffing and productivity issues
  • Increase employee satisfaction and add to your employee benefits offering
  • Job station ergonomic analysis can prevent the chances of future injuries
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What our clients say

"Having the stats and data from OccuCare has really helped me get a good idea of what kind of injuries were going on and how I could best make a game plan to help my employees."

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Andrew R.

Safety Coordinator, Specialty Cheese
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Our Providers

Our mission is to champion workplace safety and employee well-being. Our team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, engineers, and board-certified ergonomists are committed to excellence. We have over 80 years combined experience providing nationally recognized workers’ compensation cost-reduction services.

We guide organizations in creating environments that prioritize health and prevent injuries. Through innovative solutions, proactive measures, and a dedication to continuous improvement, we strive to empower organizations to foster a culture of safety, ensuring the longevity and prosperity of their most valuable asset – their workforce.

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