Job Description Development

Paper-Based or Digital

Replace, revise, and create high-level job descriptions

Our team of healthcare providers, ergonomists, and engineers have years of experience analyzing, performing, and documenting high-level job descriptions. We can replace, revise, and create high-level paper-based or digital job descriptions based on the needs of your company. The digital version can include video links to view the physical demands of a job for healthcare professionals.

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What processes are used?

On-Site Data

The ergonomist may interview supervisors and employees, and gather data onsite including time study, repetitions, heights of lifts, distances of carries, and all awkward postures.

Factor Analysis

An analysis may be performed to consider factors such as use of tools and equipment and work environment including temperature, noise levels, and exposure to hazardous materials.


The ergonomists may take detailed videos and pictures of all jobs, which will be used for postural, material handling and semi quantitative analysis.


Take your company to the next level with OccuCare

  • Faster return to work
  • Job descriptions are easily disseminated to new hires and medical professionals
  • Clear and concise essential functions
  • Customized reports that outline the job's physical demands
  • Compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards
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