Expect the Unexpected While on the Road

With winter here, it is important to take a few minutes to prepare for the unexpected to keep yourself protected in the event of being stranded in your car for a long period of time. The following are a few items you should pack into your car to be prepared for an emergency.

  • Snacks such as granola bars, protein bars, jerky, or nuts.
  • Always take water with you when you go in the car. If you get stranded, you will want to have something to quench your thirst and avoid dehydration.
  • Extra winter clothing such as a hat, gloves, boots, and a scarf.
  • First aid kit. This comes in handy for small bumps and scrapes, but it is also a good spot to store daily medications you take in case you are stranded.
  • Have a flashlight with you to increase your visibility if you need to be outside of the car or to signal for help.
  • Warm blanket. Not only will this help keep you warm but you can use it as padding if you need to work on your car.
  • Small shovel to help keep snow clear from around your car to emergency services can see you are stranded. The shovel can also help clear the snow if you’re stuck.
  • Ice scraper to keep ice and snow off from your vehicle.
  • Salt, sand, or kitty litter. If you get stuck on the ice, you may be able to get your car moving by using this for traction.
  • Keep your phone charged so you can reach out to emergency services and loved ones.
  • Small metal can, a small candle, and matches in the car. This can help provide heat in case you are in the car for an extended period.
  • Printed emergency contact list in case your cell phone dies. You may be able to borrow someone’s phone to reach out for help or contact loved ones.